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Burgers Chicken Halal

145 Wellington Road North, Stockport, SK4 2PF

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Special burgers meal deal

Fresh cuts of chicken hand breaded in our own recipe , all meals served with fries , drink of your choice ,

We use Americana sesame seeded bun for all burgers and meal will be served with can of Pepsi and regular fries

Rooster pizza baked to order using freshly made dough our own recipe , tomato pure and finest ingredients

All meals are served with fries and drips of your choice

All salad comes with fresh lettuce , sweet corn onion green peppers olives and can of drink

Your favourite chocolate or sweet blended with fresh vanilla ice cream

A combination of flavour's mixed together with freah vanilla ice cream creating the untlimte shake experience only available in large

Roosters spicy wings with our own spicy marinade

100% chicken breast fillets in a crispy crunchy served with cool iceberg lettuce 🥬 cool mayo

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