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Note: Kolam is an art that is practised in Tamil Nadu, South India by ladies in the home. Various pattern designs are created using rice flour on the flooring outside houses to invite and welcome guests. Some Kolam designs have a specific purpose such as warding off evil and some to invite the goddess of wealth ‘Lakshmi’ into the household. The name intends to welcome our customers to invite them to enjoy home cooked food! The restaurant has been established for 35 years and we thank our customers for their support!

Bhajis are typical snacks cooked to welcome guests. It is made from a choice of vegetables, fried in spicy gram flour batter, and is served with fresh coconut chutney

Vadai is usually served on special occasions. They are deep fried spiced doughnuts made from blackgram flour, ginger, onions and curry leaves, served with fresh coconut chutney

Dosai is a favourite Southern Indian dish, which is usually served as breakfast or dinner. It is a rice flour pancake served with coconut chutney and a spicy lentil curry called ‘sambhar’

Uthappam is a thick pancake made from rice flour, similar to a dosai, covered with a choice of vegetable toppings, served with sambhar and chutney

These curry dishes are selected vegetables cooked in medium strength sauces to a Tanjore recipe that goes well with rice or roti

Semi-dry, stir-fried curries cooked with selected vegetables, spices and garnished with coconut and black mustard seeds

Biriyani is a spicy but medium strength dish made from basmati rice, cooked with meat or vegetables and served with raitha. The main spice used is ‘garam masala’ - a combination of ground bay leaves, cardamon and cinnamon sticks

Shredded vegetables stir-fried in a dry style, cooked with onions, black mustard seeds, coconut flakes and mild spice. Ideal side dish for sharing

Masala curry is a Southern Indian meat dish cooked in a mild to medium strength sauce with spiced potatoes and peas

A typical Southern Indian meat dish cooked in a hot spicy sauce, to enhance the chilli and cumin strength in the curry, and reducing the level of coriander spice

Kurma is a mild curry dish made with coconut milk, cumin and coriander and negligible chilli spices. A good choice for children or those who do not like the heat!

Our speciality meat dishes are cooked by our experienced chef. His dishes are inspired by recipes learned from his mother in Tanjore, South India and are delivered to suit any tasts bud!

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