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Note: For food allergies please inform our staff before placing the orders.

All sushi roll contains sesame

Terms and Conditions

Please ask  for advice if you have any allergies or dietary requirement. All  the images copy right @ All price are subject to change without prior notice. No cash refund after order is being placed Allergies & others: Please call and ask before placing an order. After order is being placed Kome assume you have understood our T&C. Kome will not be responsible for any problem caused.

All Party orders must give one-day notice before and 20% deposited required after booking has been made. The deposits are none refundable if order cancelled within less than 24hours.

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

Extra Tapioca 50p, Extra Fruit Pop 50p, Extra Jelly 50p,

Due to the shortage of stock, we had to use different flavor fruit pops (poping boba)for our bubble tea. We do not charge the extra topping but we do need you to read this information regarding to food allergies. The fruit pop we use including, mango, strawberry, Lychee, passionfruit, cherry, peach, it is all depends on the stock availability. If you do have allergic to any of the listed ingredients above, you must confirm the order with the restaurant before placing the order with us. Thank you

Contains: Sesame

All served with rice

Contains: Sesame, gluten, wheat.

Contains: Sesame

Contains: Sesame



*Allergies information, including Mushrooms

Served with Gyoza, Miso, Pickle and Rice

Contains: Sesame

Sushi rice, edamame beans, Carrot, mango, beetroots, fried onion, sesame seeds. sweet chilli mayo, pink ginger,

Any Meal comes a choice of can of soft drink or water

Due to shortage of supply, All KOME & KOME Express are can NO longer offer Gluten free options

food allergies please inform our staff before placing the orders.

Please be advised that our food may have come in contact or contain peanuts, sesame, mustard, celery, soy milk, effs wheat, shellfish or fish. Please ask our member of staff before your ordering.

2 Pcs sliced fish on top rice

Contains: Sesame

6 Pcs thin rolled sushi with seaweed on the outside

Contains: Sesame

Raw fish or Seared Fish

Contains: Sesame

Inside out medium roll

Contains: Sesame

One Cone Shaped Hand Made Sushi Roll.

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