LA Pizza & Grill

Pizza Kebab

77 Manchester Road, Altrincham, WA14 4RJ

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Pizza with the goodness of a buger. Your chosen pizza topped with beef burger & cheese

Folded pizza crammed with mouth watering fillings

100% Chicken breast

This top quality steak burger is simply sensational. Elevate your beloved steak burger by choosing all your favourite ingredients including your sauce & vegetables just as you wish

Meals served with chips & drink

First option bar - elevate your beloved awesome burger with any of these mouthwatering combos

Creamy Dutch cheese is infused with a little bit of chilli

Second option bar - please choose your favourite salad & sauce

L.A special sauce is a tasty smokey sauce

Firecracker sauce is hot & smokey

Third option bar - choose your preferred burger bun

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