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La Forno

Italian, Pizza

186 Freeman Street, Grimsby, DN32 7AT

Opening at 16:30


4.7 stars out of 6 4.7 / 6
Food quality 4.7
Delivery time 4.6
Service 4.8

Based on the 87 most recent reviews

874 reviews of La Forno

  • 14/04/2018
    3.5 stars out of 6
    2 cans of pop missing. garlic bread with cheese had a bit of a funny “cleaning product” taste. good kebab meat, good garlic sauce
  • 08/04/2018
    6 stars out of 6
    I have been ordering from LA fornos for a few years now. The food is always delicious, I wouldn't use anyone but them! Always on time and lovely and hot.
  • 16/03/2018
    6 stars out of 6
  • 14/03/2018
    3.5 stars out of 6
    This is the first time disappointed with the meal was cold chips soggy not happy at all plus the worst calozone ever tasted
  • 13/03/2018
    5 stars out of 6
    Great food
  • 05/03/2018
    6 stars out of 6
    Always good food use all the time
  • 27/02/2018
    1 stars out of 6
  • 24/02/2018
    6 stars out of 6
  • 20/02/2018
    6 stars out of 6
  • 10/02/2018
    3.5 stars out of 6
    Pasta was so dry and tasteless I had to add some cream and cheese!! Pizza was almost cold. Won’t be ordering from here again!
  • 03/02/2018
    6 stars out of 6
  • 02/02/2018
    4.5 stars out of 6
  • 25/01/2018
    1 stars out of 6
    food was absolutely stone cold , 3 pots of garlic was missing and when I tried to ring them numberous of times there was no answer my order went in the bin plus the women on the phone had a attitude I would like my money back thanks
  • 18/01/2018
    5.5 stars out of 6
  • 14/01/2018
    6 stars out of 6
  • 03/01/2018
    1 stars out of 6
    So annoyed! No garlic sauce on any kebabs! Obviously don’t read the comment section either! Will not be using again! Absolutely awful!!!
  • 29/12/2017
    2 stars out of 6
    over an hour late in the end.. original driver went to wrong house as did the second.. no fresh pizza so was luke warm and hot chips. ate it as was starving by this point..
  • 15/12/2017
    3.5 stars out of 6
    chillie sauce wasn’t spicy enough and the calzones where calzone nice but not brilliant x
  • 11/12/2017
    6 stars out of 6
  • 10/12/2017
    2.5 stars out of 6
    Chips always come soggy and cold! Arrived really late, couldn't call them as it was just going to answer phone for 15 minutes! Shocking
  • 10/12/2017
    2.5 stars out of 6
    tonight I ordered a meatfeast Calzone but somehow I ended with a bolognese Calzone, my friend got a cheeseburger meal, she didn't receive her drink but they also missed the part of it being a cheese burger as it was a plain burger, think I will be going elsewhere for the future.
  • 09/12/2017
    4 stars out of 6
    missed a couple of items off delivery. food was great. but was just warm
  • 08/12/2017
    4 stars out of 6
    no cheese on the cheeseburger meal and no Pepsi with this meal wasn’t much of a meal plane burger and chips
  • 08/12/2017
    6 stars out of 6
  • 06/12/2017
    6 stars out of 6
    best around
  • 06/12/2017
    4.5 stars out of 6
    Lovely hot food and whole order was correct and arrived in a timely fashion.
  • 02/12/2017
    3 stars out of 6
    Not great, pizza was very soggy and not really cooked fully
  • 30/11/2017
    3.5 stars out of 6
    Cold food. Not worth the money
  • 29/11/2017
    5 stars out of 6
    Food delivery very fast cheesy chips was ace it's juts a shame the pizza wasn't cooked properly or I would use agin
  • 28/11/2017
    6 stars out of 6
    All of the food tasted great, would definitely order from here again.
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