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Indian Curry

St George's Square, Huddersfield, HD1 1LG

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Note: If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirement please inform a member of staff or ask for more information. Some products may contain traces of nuts. Please ask for further information.

Delicious mouth watering curries all available.

These dishes are cooked and served in a traditional style, unchanged for hundreds of years from Baltistan.

Traditional popular dish made with specially

cooked basmati rice flavoured with saffron &

served with either curry sauce or raita (Contains Dairy) & salad

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An Extravagant Delicacy

Created by our Lala's executive chef.

Please note the meat/mince we use in the dishes is 100% premium mutton

Traditional Desi Style

All these dishes are cooked in traditional Kashmiri style, in a thick, rich, dry sauce, using green chillies, blend of spices, garnished with lemon & fresh coriander.

All these dishes are prepared in a tandoor (clay oven) served on a sizzler with fried onions, pilau rice, salad & curry sauce

Vegetarian Specialities

Authentic balti style cooking

All served with salad

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