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100% Chicken Breast

Please Note: All Squid Dishes are Coated with Thin Batter

Beansprout Dishes Choose with Light Sweet & Sour or Soy Sauce

Chinese Omelette with Beansprout & Onion

Includes Boiled Rice or Chips, with Egg Fried Rice 60p Extra

With Vegetbles in Aromatic Thai Herbs Curry Paste & Creamy Coconut Milk Contains Fish Sauce

Please note: Some dishes maybe Stir Fried with Oyster Sauce please advise before placing your order

Contains: Gluten & Milk

Noodles that are made from Rice they are a thin form called Vermicelli

Chow Mein is a Wheat Noodles

Wide Flat Rice Noodles, very popular in Southern China

Wide Flat Rice Noodles

Contains: Fish Sauce

Please note to pure vegans: Some of our Noodles or Rice Dishes contains Egg, Fish Sauce or Oyster Sauce.

Please inform us before placing your order.

Any change of dish incurs an automatic €1 charge per dish plus the price difference

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