Las Iguanas - Leicester Belvoir

Lunch Mexican

Las Iguanas,13-15 Belvoir Street, Leicester, Leicester, LE1 6SL

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day

It’s time for a fiesta! Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Las Iguanas style with tasty Mexican and South American dishes to spice up your vibe!

✨Meal Deals✨

Perfect for sharing with friends & family the Latin way. We recommend 2-3 dishes each

When you can’t resist that tasty something on the side


Conjuring up the mood of Mexico with animated, colourful mariachi

Samba, Carnival, graceful football & white beaches set the scene for lightly spiced exotic dishes

All served with spring onion rice, Padron peppers & sweet plantain


Inspired by classic Latin puddings and exotic ingredients.

Soft Drinks


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