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Indian Bangladeshi

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Note: If there is any dish you like which is not on this menu, please send us a request or mention it to us.

We hope you’ll love your new dishes but if an old favourite is no longer available we may be able to cook to order depending on the dish and the ingredients available in our kitchen.

ALLERGY AWARENESS – Some of our dishes may contain gluten, nuts or dairy products. If you suffer from an allergy then please enquire when ordering for full details. We take this very seriously and will try our best to accommodate your request. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee a complete dairy, nut free or gluten free cooking environment.

FISH: Where we use fish for our dishes, we cannot guarantee it to be boneless. Please take care to discard any fish bones from your dish.

North Indian specialities are an ancient style of cooking, which originated in the rugged North West Frontier of India. Our Tandoori dishes are cooked by only using fresh herbs and spices in the marinade resulting in the most delicious and succulent taste. Served with salad and mint sauce.

Biriyanis are common but a much talked about dish. Since rice and meat was the staple of Hyderabad, Lemon Grass has breathed the aroma and refinement of the biriyani into some of our non-meat and meat dishes.Biriyani dishes are meals in themselves. Served with special biriyani sauce.

It is a home-style preparation to suit your palette. Prepared with special homemade fresh herbs, Balti paste and spices in a fairly thick sauce and sprinkled with fresh coriander.

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