Turkish Italian

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Note: Please make your server aware if you have any ALLERGIES! Our comprehensive allergen list can be viewed on request, dish descriptions do not list every ingredient & due to the presence of nuts on the premises, nut traces may be found in any dish.

Cold and Hot

served with side salad.

Traditional Turkish flat bread, with mozzarella, combined with various toppings cooked to form a common a Turkish pizza.

Middle Eastern flat bread topped with minced lamb and herbs including onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, parsley and flavoured with spices such as chilli flakes and paprika

Served with home made salad, fries or rice and fresh homemade bread.

Cooking and eating are two rituals that hold a special place in heart of Turks but there is one ritual that brings family and friends around the table Mangal - The Turkish BBQ

served with chips

served with fries and house salad

with homemade Turkish bread and house salad

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