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Served with salad & mint sauce

Curry is the English word generally used to describe all Indian food, but the cuisine of the vast Indian sub-continent is incredibly varied with many influences. It's tastes vary from mild, delicately spiced dishes prepared in cream & yogurt, to the very hot dishes like madras & vindaloo

The following dishes are marincated with herbs and spices then barbecued in a traditional way over charcoal in a tandoori oven. Served with fresh green salad & fried onions.

Balti dishes originate from the south eastern part of India. The dish comprises of rape seed oil, water, milk powder, coriander, tomato putee, turmeric, cumin, salt, sugar, ginger, citric acid and soya sauce. All these ingredients make a unique and delicious dish which you will want time and time again.

Basmati saffron rice with delicate spices, served with a special sauce

Pick ur choice and try all of our traditional small tub of sauces and find your favourite.

Served with chips & salad

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