Little Lantern

Chinese Oriental

80 Bury New Road, Bolton, BL2 2BG

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Chilli & garlic dishes

Cantonese OK sauce dishes

Red fruity sauce with onions

Onions & green pepper in spicy & savoury sauce

Cooked with a hint of garlic

Stir fried with vegetable & sprinkled with cashew nuts

Scrambled egg

Spicy pepper sauce cooked with sliced onions & green peppers

Stir fried with onions in a tasty tomato sauce

Stir fried with onions & carrots

Ginger & spring onion dishes

Fresh stem ginger & spring onions combined to concoct  a wonderful class of cantonese flavour

Onions & green peppers with a touch of rice wine, garlic & sesame oil

Stir fried with a hint of garlic & oyster sauce

Seasonal vegetables stir fried with a touch of garlic

Cooked in sweet pineapple sauce

Yellow bean flavour sauce & sprinkled with cashew nuts & a slightly dry dish

Salt & pepper crispy dishes

Complete dish

Served with soft noodles base with sauce

50p Extra for the crispy noodles base, can also be dry fried


Malaysian style fried rice/ noodles

Complete dish

Dry & spicy

Complete dish

Dry & spicy


Complete dish

Thick Japanese noodles

Fish, chips, pies ETC

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