Little Napoli Sourdough Pizza

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428 Uxbridge Road, London, W12 0NR

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Note: Our dough has 48-hour long proofing process that makes our neapolitan pizza light, full of flavour & easy to digest. Our expert Neapolitan pizzaiolo proudly prepare our dough daily in our restaurant

All our pizza come with extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil leaves

+ We only use San Marzano tomato sauce DOP and artisanal fiordilatte from Campania

+ Switch up any pizza to buffalo mozzarella for £4.50 extra

+ Mozzarella and parmesan normally contain rennet, therefore we cannot consider them


+ For full allergens list and dietary requirements, please ask a member of staff

+ Look out for the occasional olive stone

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Without tomato sauce

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