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Note: Customer notice: All food service from our menu may contains some or all of the followings ingredients: Cereals/ wheat flour (containing gluten), egg, fish (fish sauce), soybeans (sou sauce), peanut, milk, nut (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, seeds ect..), celery, mustard, sesame, lupin, sulphur dioxide (preservative vegetable, dried fruit), crustaceans (prawns, crabs, lobster & crayfish), molluscs (clams, mussels, oyster, squid, octopus), oil (peanuts oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil)

We can not guarantee our foods free of allergen, please speak to our staff. If you have any allergic to a food that is not on the regulatory list, please kindly inform us of any food allergies prior to ordering your meal

Dishes may be changed at the discretion of the management.

Only Pure Vegetables oil are used

We try as much as possible to use GM- free material in our cooking, however, we use hundreds of different ingredients, some of which may be GM without our knowledge. We would assure all our customers that all our dishes are wholesome and expertly prepared.

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