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Note: We cannot guarantee a nut free making and baking environment. Our ingredients can contain Dairy, Gluten, Cereal, Nuts, Eggs and Soya. For more specific information please speak to the staff prior to placing the order

6 x waffle stick 6 x mini pancakes 2 x ice creams

Luxury belgian waffle sticks filled with our finest toppings served with fresh vanilla whippy ice cream.

Sweet brioche bun with a Chocolate Brownie filled with your favourite toppings and sauces

Freshly baked cookie doughballs, topped with sauce, and served with fresh whippy vanilla ice cream

Delicious 12oz milkshakes blended with fresh vanilla whippy ice cream

Volcano Sundae Ice Cream

Delicious volcanoes are fresh whippy ice cream layered with your favorite toppings

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Per portion

Per portion

Induldge in our unique creation combining the famous croissant & doughnut to ultimate "The Cronut" Flaky pastry filled with a soft warm and doughy centre.

4 X freshly baked luxury donuts

Delicious 12oz fresh mocktails 355ml

A combination of gooey chocolate brownie with a luxury cheesecake cream cheese topped with your favourite toppings and sauces

Crispy Fried Burger + Fries + Dips

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