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Note: Allergy advice: If you are allergic or intolerant to any ingredients please let us know before ordering so we can make sure we can advise whether the dish you are ordering is suitable

"Our history of awards and achievements reflects well on our commitment"

Welcome to the lucky tandoori

The lucky tandoori is an established business, founded in 1991, providing an irrestible combination of unique and popular Indian dishes. We strive to amintain a high level of professionalism, our key elements to attaining such high standards is the use of our expertise and experience that we draw upon. Our aim has always been to maintain both contemorary and gebuine dishes including the old favourites in our menu. Hence we feel this maintains authenticity while stops the use of novel dishes but with extravagant name. Our commitments has been that of being unique, setting our self apart from the rest. We feel that our history of awards and achievements reflects well on our commitment. Our mission is therefore to provide the exquisite Indian culinary combined with excellent service at competitive prices.

Key: Egg, Gluten Free, Gluten, Mustard

Dairy Free, Milk, Soya Sauce, Fish



Tandoori Specialities

Special Balti Dishes

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Oriental Biriani Dishes

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Vegetable Side Dishes

Basmati Rice

Indian Breads


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Tandoori Specialities

First spiced with a special blend of herbs then marinated in yoghurt for 24 hours. Barbecued on skewers in  tandoori oven, these dishes dry and served with salad and mint sauce. Please note that delays sometime occur in cooking tandoori dishes, which are made to order

Our Special Balti Dishes

Officially 'discovered in Birmingham' balti is now undoubtedly the nations favourite dish. The balti itself is prepared in a wok with the food rapidly stir-fried and mixed with sauces, herbs and a variety of vegetables. These all combine to make the balti flavour a unique tasting experience, tailored on an individual basis by allowing you to choose how it's cooked. Served with naan.

Chef's Recommendations

Oriental Biriani Dishes

All of these oriental dishes are stir-fried basmati rice in light spice. Served with mixed vegetable curry.

Vegetable Side Dishes

These are side dishes, medium hot, and are intended to add variety and flavour to your main course to individual requirements. Only fresh herbs and vegetables are used. Bhajees are Indian style dry dishes.

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice, a variety of long grained rice, has been cultivated for thousands of years in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and is famous for its fragrance and delicate flavour. For the calorie conscious, basmati rice cooked has 170 calories per cup.

Indian Breads

Naan is leavened bread recipe that includes self raising flour, milk and egg white. Naan bread is cooked in a tandoori & brushed with melted butter. Chapati & paratha breads are made from plain white flour, they are cooked on a flat iron griddle called a tava. It can be used to scoop other foods or served stuffed with a filling such as keema (Naan stuffed with a minced lamb) or kulcha (Naan stuffed with potatoes and onions.

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