Indian Pizza

528 St Vincent Street Glasgow, Glasgow, G3 8XZ

Delivery from 16:15

Note: Halal

Note: If anyone have food allergy, please let our staff know

Macdonners has been serving Glasgow for 20 years!

All served with salad

All puri can be served sweet and sour or spicy

Served with rice or naan, curry sauce and salad

We can make curries mild, medium or hot as you require

Extra green chillies available

Rice not included

All curries can be prepared mild or hot

Rice or naan not included

Add vegetables for 90p extra

Rice not included Highly recommended!

All speciality dishes are available in chicken tikka or lamb tikka, rice or naan bread

Add paneer for £1 extra

Biriyani dishes are cooked in rice & served with separate curry sauce

All served with salad

Extra cheese available for £1.50


All served with chips and salad

MacDonners Kebabs

If you require separate salad or sauce 50p extra for each

Pitta bread 50p each

All served with salad & sauce

Extra cheese available for £1.00

All served with salad & sauce

Extra cheese available for £1.00

Chapati filled with salad, sauce, chips & cheese (salad & sauce separated 30p extra)

Extra cheese available for £1.00

We use freshly homemade pizza base & sauce.

All pizzas served with a choice of any dip

All pizzas can also be served in garlic or BBQ base for 50p extra

Extra toppings & stuffed crust available

Calzone pizzas

All served with mayonnaise & salad

Chips £1 extra

Pickin, chicken

All comes with Capri Sun

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