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Note: We are a small family run business with a passion for healthy living and happiness. Here at macro café we only use the freshest of produce at the highest of standards sourced from local independent small business’. All of our meat and dairy are supplied from our local butchers ‘Aston Mill Butchers’ whilst our fruit and veg are sourced locally.

At macro café we want to make it easier for you to make informed decisions regarding your nutrition, so we have done it for you.

Knowing your food is made fresh upon ordering with only the best ingredients, with all the macros worked out for you, so you can truly enjoy your meals.

If you’ve heard of counting macros, it was probably from a friend who’s an avid gym goer or who’s very much into their nutrition- but macro dieting can actually benefit almost anyone who is looking to refine their diet and start to make smart food choices that fit their goals, whether their looking to lose weight, build muscle or maintain a healthy lifestyle we are here to help.

Forget processed, chemical filled, toxic foods with high amounts of hydrogenated toxic fats and synthetic meats – and think well balanced, fresh, natural, nutritious, whole, protein filled foods produced locally and made fresh on site. Plus nearly all our set meals are under 500 calories.

Here at the Macro Café all our food is freshly produced by hand that everyone can enjoy, we take care in the preparing and cooking of food and try our best to avoid contact with allergens such as nuts, dairy, meat etc but in some cases not always possible, so if you do have an allergies please let us know.


If there are parts of the menu that you may need changing due to allergies, such as nuts we are happy to accommodate any slight

changes to certain dishes so you can enjoy our meals as well.

Meal plans / Collection or Delivered

Here at Macro Café we take healthy living seriously, with the hustle and bustle of busy life we know sometimes making good food choices can be difficult and time consuming, so we can do it for you. Whether your goal is to build muscle, fat loss to improve your diet or just to live healthier. We offer personalised meal prep to order and advanced order collections or deliveries.

We can work out your daily calorie needs to help towards your goal, whether that be one meal per day or three, we have it covered. For meal plans please ask at the counter to organise a short meeting with a member of our team or call : 07494 539009

All toaties, wraps, and jackets are served with salad and crisps

Breakfast served all day

Please let us know about any dietary requirements or allergies so we can make your meal and visit enjoyable.

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