Indian Curry

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Note: If you have any specific allergies or dietary requrements please inform us when placing orders some dishes may contains allergens.

All Pakoras and samosas served with Pakora sauce and salad

All served with salad

All served with chilli sauce & salad

All served with rice, curry sauce & salad

All these dishes are cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, peppers and onions and a touch of mixed pickle. Served in a karahi to desired strength.

Prepared in a cast-iron karahi (Wok). Very rich flavour is obtained using fresh ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes & green peppers

With fried rice

Meat or vegetables tenderly cooked in rice & delicately flavoured with spices and saffron, served with curry sauce

All served in large container

All served with salad & tub of mayo

Made fresh, folded pizza baked in the oven, served with salad, chilli sauce & chips

All kebabs come with chilli sauce & salad

Chapti with chips, cheese, salad & kebab sauce. On Nan +£1 extra

Served on a tortilla with salad and mayo or chilli sauce

All served with salad, ketchup, mayo or relish

All served with chips and juice

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