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Indian Pizza

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All served with salad

A Lightly fried Chapati topped with your choice.

Fairly Sweet & Sour taste.

Served with Salad & Sauce

Extra plain pouri £1.50

Pouri Filling can be made spicy by just asking at the time of order.

All cooked on charcoal in a clay oven called tandoori and served with fried rice, salad & curry sauce.

A toasted tortilla with a choice of the following fillings

All salads served in a large tray

All Speciality dishes are available in Chicken Tikka or Lamb

Lamb Tikka or Prawn £1 extra

King Prawn £2.50 extra

Here is a selection of age-old popular & favourite Curries. Now Specially Prepared in our classic unique curry style. All these dishes are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients, spices and herbs imported from the Far East and using fresh Scottish meat.

Served with rice or nan

Served with rice or nan

Special rice treated with garlic and ginger, cooked with peas and mixed with special spices served with curry sauce

We only use basmati imported from the Far East. The best in the world

Tortilla chips with salsa, mozzarella cheese, jalapeno peppers & topped with sour cream & chive sauce

3 Tortilla wraps served with a tub of salsa, jalapeno peppers, sour cream with chives, cheese, fried peppers, fried onions & a large tub of salad with a choice of the following fillings:

Strictly for Kids only

All served with juice

Kebab Junction

All kebabs are served in Pita bread with Salad and Sauce or garlic Mayonnaise, if you need salad and sauce seperate, please let us know,

(if you need salad or sauce seperate on your kebab, it will be charged @ 50p extra) get your

Served with chips and salad

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