Indian Curry

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The tandoor is a traditional lay-oven used in Indian cooking with exposes food to live fire. Food grilled in the tandoor therefore gets a delicate yet distinctive smokey flavouor due to the charcoal and leaves your mouth wanting more. These dishes are served with a side of mixed leaf salad

These dishes  take inspiration from mughlai food which is known for its richness and the exotic use of spices, dried fruits and nuts. The Mughal Emperors did everything with style and splendour, resulting in royal dishes that merge the flavours of vast India, Persia and Turkey


Balti is cast iron wok used to dry roast spices before combining them with fresh herbs. This givess balti dishes a distinctive aromatic stir fried taste

This rice-based dish is cooked with deeply seasoned rice and meat, or vegetables. These are cooked and favoured separately and then brought together and layered, resulting in a dish of contrasting favours of the basmati rice and intensely flavoured meat/vegetables. Our biryani is served with a po...

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