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  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Risotto & Crespelle
  • Chicken
  • Steaks
  • Seafood
  • Desserts


  • Garlic Bread & Tomato



  • Garlic Bread, Tomato & Cheese



  • Homemade Tomato Soup

    Gluten free


  • Olive Miste

    Mixed Italian olives in garlic, chilli, oregano & a dash of lemon


  • Coppa di Gamberetti

    Delicious Norwegian prawns served on a mixed salad topped with Maria Rose sauce


  • Insalata Tricolore

    Tomato, mozzarella cheese, black olives, olive oil & fresh basil


  • Funghi All’Aglio

    Pan fried mushrooms in white wine sauce, garlic & fresh parsley


  • Pate Della Casa


  • Mussels Napoli

    New Zealand mussels in white wine, garlic & tomato sauce with parsley Gluten free


  • Funghi Sorpresa

    Mushrooms stuffed with tuna, crabmeat, & prawns in tomato & cheese


  • Polpette al Pomodoro

    Homemade Italian meat balls, cooked in tomato with a touch of chilli & basil sauce


  • Funghi Crema

    Mushrooms, garlic & white wine in a cream sauce with fresh parsley



  • Pasta Lasagne - Main

    Oven baked traditional Italian dish made from layers of pasta with Bolognese sauce, bechamel, parmesan cheese, tomato & mozzarella

    from £12.50

  • Pasta Bolognese - Main

    Fresh minced beef slow cooked in a tomato sauce with fresh herbs

    from £11.50

  • Pasta Pesto Sauce - Main

    Basil, olive, oil, garlic, pine kernels & cheese

    from £11.50

  • Pasta Carbonara - Main

    Ham, egg & cream

    from £11.95

  • Pasta Amatriciana - Main

    Tomato, ham & cheese

    from £11.50

  • Vegetarian Pasta - Main

    Fresh vegetables

    from £11.50

  • Pasta al Forno - Main

    Oven baked in bolognese sauce

    from £12.50

  • Pasta Pescatora - Main

    Mixed seafood with white wine & tomato

    from £12.95


  • Pizza Margherita

    Tomato, cheese & oregano


  • Funghi Pizza


  • Pizza Napoli

    Anchovies & olives


  • Pizza Capricosa

    Pepperoni, ham & peppers


  • Pizza Marinara

    Seafood special


  • Pizza Pepperoni

    Pepperoni & chilli


  • Pizza Tonno

    Tuna, olives & capers


  • Pizza Hawaii

    Ham & pineapple


  • Pizza Vegetariana

    Mixed fresh vegetables


  • Pizza Quattro Stagioni

    Mushrooms, ham, peppers & pepperoni


  • Pizza Calzone

    Folded pizza with mushroom, onion, mixed peppers, ham, pepperoni & bolognese sauce


Risotto & Crespelle

  • Risotto Pescatora

    The best arborio rice cooked with a variety of seafood in garlic, tomato & white wine


  • Risotto Pollo e Funghi

    The best arborio rice cooked with chicken & mushrooms in cream sauce with fresh basil


  • Risotto Vegetariana

    The best arborio rice cooked with a mixture of the finest vegetables in tomato & basil sauce


  • Crespella Princepessa

    Oven baked pancake stuffed with ham, mushrooms, chicken, tomato sauce & cheese)


  • Crespella Vegetariana

    Pancake stuffed with fresh vegetables topped with tomato sauce, bechamel, mozzarella cheese & oven baked



  • Pollo Crema

    Breast fillet in white wine, onions, mushrooms, cream & brandy


  • Pollo Valdostano

    Breast fillet in white wine, onions, ham, cream & cheese


  • Pollo Cacciatora

    Breast fillet, white wine, garlic, tomatoes, onions & mushrooms


  • Pollo Vulcano

    Breast fillet, white wine, garlic, tomatoes, chilli & peppers


  • Pollo al Pepe

    Breast fillet cooked with pepper sauce, garlic, red wine & brandy


  • Pollo Limone

    Breast fillet cooked in garlic, white wine & lemon juice, served with salad garnish Gluten free



  • Steak Diane

    Wine, onions, mushrooms, mustard, demi-glace & cream

    from £20.00

  • Steak Pizzaiola

    Red wine, tomatoes, garlic

    from £20.00

  • Steak Opera

    Wine, brandy, onion, pate, demi-glace & cream

    from £20.00

  • Steak Pepe

    Brandy, black pepper, red wine & demi-glace

    from £20.00

  • S teak Caledonia

    Whisky, onions, mushrooms, stilton & cream

    from £20.00


  • Salmone del Duca

    Salmon steak in tomato sauce, white wine, touch of cream & fresh asparagus Gluten free


  • Pesce Spada a’limone

    Grilled swordfish with fresh lemon Gluten free


  • Pesce Spada alla Pescatore

    Grilled swordfish in wine, butter, onions, tomatoes, garlic, olives & capers Gluten free


  • Gamberoni Napoli

    King prawns in white wine, garlic & tomatoes Gluten free


  • Gamberoni Rio

    King prawns in butter, garlic, Pernod & pineapple Gluten free


  • Bronzino

    Fresh whole seabass cooked in garlic, white wine & lemon juice, served with salad garnish Gluten free



  • Profiteroles

    With hot chocolate sauce


  • Ice Creams


  • Pancake & Ice Cream

    With hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream


  • Sicilian Lemon Sorbet


  • Chocolate Fudge Cake

    With ice cream or cream


  • Cassata Siciliana

    Tutti Fruitti ice cream & liquer


  • Tiramasu

    Homemade tiramasu



Saturday 06 July 2024
All food good, just no option to pick chips for deliveries.
Thursday 04 July 2024
Meal has been cooked to perfection 👌 😋
Sunday 16 June 2024
Fantastic as Always x
Friday 31 May 2024
5 STAR thank you. The food was fantastic as always. Compliments to the chef Superb
Thursday 25 April 2024
Thursday 28 March 2024
Great freshly prepared food, tastes amazing
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Saturday 23 March 2024
Absolutely fantastic food as always, Thank you
Saturday 23 March 2024
No issue with the food or delivery. Problem was the ordering process. Wanted Lasagne but it said I needed to choose an option from Spaghetti, Penne or Tagliatelle. Thought it was a strange request but I selected Tagliatelle, at a supplement of £1, because it was the closest thing that resembled actual lasagne sheets. (I have got screenshots or my order.). I then received a telephone call from the restaurant telling me that I didn’t need to choose because it was just normal Lasagne which means I was charged a supplement for no reason. I would suggest that someone check and amend the ordering system.
Saturday 09 March 2024
Fab as always, thanks

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