Indian Pizza

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All dishes served with salad & mint yoghurt dip

All dishes are served with fresh salad & mint yoghurt dip. All charcoal grill main dishes are medium. Your choice of tender chicken, lamb or king prawns marinated overnight in blended ginger, garlic, onions, peppers, green chilies, coriander & yoghurt. Gently grilled in a clay oven on your order.

Traditional curry dishes can be cooked with the following for 30p per item

Saag (Spinach)

Chana (Chickpeas)

Aloo (Potatoes)

Methi or Mushrooms

Your choice prepared with subtle spices and cooked with basmati rice. Served with a separate medium mixed vegetable curry. Great for beginners.

Your choice of tender chicken, lamb, prawns or king prawns marinated overnight in ginger, garlic, blended onion, green chillies, coriander & yoghurt. Grilled in a clay oven. Gently coked with home roasted spices in a spicy sauce with a touch of garden mint, giving a unique taste & flavour. Garnished with green peppers & coriander.


Range of all kinds of our sauces

Cooked in stone baked oven

If you required a dish thats not on the menu please don’t hesitate to tell us

Choice of topping vegetables, chicken, chicken tikka, lamb or beef

Butterfly chicken breast coated in golden breadcrumbs, fried and smothered in béchamel sauce then loaded with cheese & grilled to perfection. Served with fresh salad & fries.

A mixture of herbs & spices marinated overnight then cooked on a flame grill to perfection. Served in pitta bread with fresh salad.

Add Donner Kebab for £1.00

All burgers cooked over flamed grill, served with salad, sauce and fries. Beef burgers served with burger sauce and Chicken burgers served with mayo.

Served in a naan bread, with fresh salad, choice of mayo, chilli or garlic sauce & fries

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