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Pakoras are an emotion for most Indians!! It's a reminder of treasured time spent with near and dear ones. Whether guests arrive at home unexpectedly, or as a mid afternoon snack, the first thing that comes to mind is Pakora.

Rice steamed cooke using a traditional 'dhum' method in our state of the art Rational icombi Pro. Modern high end cooking techniques along with the Finest Tilda Basmati Rice means our rice is consistantly of a high quality.

Our Nan breads are cooked fresh to order in a state of the art Rotary Tandoor. This means you get perfectly cooked restaurant quality Nans everytime

Our Tandoori dishes are cooked in our Rational icombi Pro. They are steamed and grilled to perfection. Our tandoori dishes are some of the most talked about in Dundee.

Served with Tikka Masala sauce

Popular Sharing Dish. Slow cooked fragrant rice with herbs and spices served with a Bhuna sauce.

These dishes tend to be our most popular. The only dishes more popular are Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala from Chef Specialities

Over the years these are the dishes that have been consistantly popular. Because all dishes are cooked to order, they taste fresh and vibrant. Some dishes are saucier than others. Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala are the most popular dishes.

These dishes are all quite heavily spiced but not a lot of chilli. Cooked to a homestyle recipe. These dishes are all Vegan except the Bombay Aloo

Freshly rolled and baked with a basil marinara sauce and topped with the very best Quottro Staggioni Mozzarella

This unique type of pizza is characterised by its half round shape made by folding a full size pizza in half. With onions, peppers, cheese, and Kebab Sauce.

All kids meal come with a 20g small chocolate treat and 230ml Fruit Shoot

With bread, salad and kebab sauce

(Kingsize kebabs in a nan)

Served on a nan with salad and sauce. Usually shared by 2 people

Wrapped with salad and kebab sauce

Served with salad and kebab sauce

300ml cans and Large Bottles

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