Fish & Chips Breakfast

Unit 1 Shandwick Square Shopping Centre, Glasgow, G34 9DT

Delivery from Thu 09:25

Note: If you have any allergy concerns please speak to staff member prior to ordering, thank you.

Served all day

Served on white or wholemeal bread

Large Italian style roll, served toasted and garnished with salad and coleslaw

Served with tortilla chips and coleslaw

4oz Burgers made fresh to order and garnished with lettuce, sliced tomato, burger sauce and onion

All meals include a soft drink

All served with a choice of chips, mashed potato or fritter

Supper comes with chips

Fresh oven baked potatoes served with crisp side salad

With mixed lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber, onion, coleslaw, sweetcorn and beetroot

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