Marino’s Fish Bar Beaver Road

Fish & Chips Burgers

310a Beaver Road, Ashford, TN23 7SP

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Served in your choice of crispy regular batter or choose our gluten reduced batter, please be aware that our gluten reduced batter is cooked in the same oil as our regular batter.

100% Gluten free succulent fish, grilled with lemon pepper and parsley, served with a freshly sliced lemon wedge. Our fish is normally grilled with high quality Greek olive oil.

Selection of delicious fish sides, cod roe is only available in regular batter.

We use the best quality seasonal potatoes to make our crispy chunky chips, they are cleaned and cut daily on premises for best quality freshness for you.

Selection of sausage meals and senior meal. The senior meal comes included with either a 4 floz pot of mushy please, buttered bread roll, pickled onion, pickled gherkin, pickled egg or sauce sachet.

We do a wide range of kids meals, all which come included with a carton of sunmagic juice, you can also upgrade to a ribena carton for an extra 85p.

All our chicken burgers, nuggets and goujons are made of the finest cuts of chicken breast coated in a crispy golden batter or breadcrumb. For something different try our locally sourced ¼ roast chicken or our new succulent Mediterranean flame grilled chicken thighs, boneless, skinless and served with a freshly sliced lemon wedge for your enjoyment.

Our succulent burgers are locally sourced and made of the finest quality cut meat. Choose from either a juicy beef burger or tender lamb burger, all included with your choice of salad and sauces.

Try our classic veggie burger in crispy breadcrumb coating, grilled halloumi burger or spice things up a little with our new falafel and spinach burger, all including your choice of sauce and salad.

A selection of local butchers bacon, grilled to perfection in a lightly toasted soft flour roll, all including your choice of sauce and salad.

We do a wide range of sides and fritters, all our fritters are only available in our regular golden batter.

Choose from a selection of perfectly baked pukka pies and slices.

With or without batter

Choose from a wide range of condiment sauces and sides, try our creamy homemade tartare sauce or our creamy and chunky homemade coleslaw, all made fresh in store every week.

Delicious selection of yorvale fresh from the farm ice cream tubs, why not try it with a crispy golden battered pineapple fritter for a full on dessert experience.

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