Marios Pizza

Italian Pizza Halal

691A High Road, Ilford, IG3 8RH

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Note: Some items may contain nuts and soya products.

Chicken and meat products may contain bone.

Our pizza sizes are prior to cooking.

Doner meat contains beef, lamb & chicken.

Bigger then our competitors

Garlic & herb dip included

100% fresh dough everyday

Choose your crust:

Deep Pan - Full deep filling deep pan base

Thin Crust - Thin & crispy lighter base

Cheese Stuffed Crust - Hand rolled dough around mozzarella cheese

Hot Dog Stuffed Crust - Hand rolled around hotdog sausage

Garlic & Herb Stuffed Crust - Hand rolled dough around garlic & herb mozzarella cheese

Choose your base:

Tomato Pizza Base - Our famous original pizza sauce

Spicy Tomato Pizza Base - All spiced up

BBQ Base - Sticky and sweet barbeque sauce

Butter Base - Garlic & herb butter base

All sides are served with one dip

By the slice

(Haagen Dazs) 500ml

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