Masala Cottage

Indian Curry

684 Edinburgh Road, Glasgow, G33 3PU

Delivery from 16:45

With free rice included (Multy deals)

All dishes are served with rice.

We use our own freshly home made dogh to prepare the pizza base & our own chef,s secrete pizza sauce recipe.

Garlic dip for your crust 90p

All day- Every day)

Let us know first what you like on your burger, sauce or salad

All burgers are served with salad, choice of sauce, relish, mayo and ketchup.

Extra cheese slice 50p

Jalapenos 50p

Cheese on Chips £1.50 Extra

All tandoori dishes are cooked in a clay oven known as a tandoor and are served with curry sauce, salad and rice

Rice and nan not included

All the following dishes available in:

Chicken tikka 50p extra, king prawn £2.00 extra, prawn £1.00 extra, lamb mince £1.00 extra

All our curries are medium. Please let us know if you like mild or hot curry extra charge for Mild =50p

For hot =50p extra

Rice and nan not included

All our curries are medium. Please let is know if you like mild or hot. No extra charge

All curries available in lamb mince for £9.00

Rice and nan not included

Karahi dishes are very popular and delicious, prepared in a cost iron wok & consist of garlic, ginger, onion, green pepper, extra tomato and our special home made karahi sauce.

Chillies could be add on your request

Rice and nan not included

Rice and nan not included

Balti is a very popular dish. It’s cooked with fresh garlic & balti sauce herbs, green pepper & onion

Rice and nan not included

All puri are available in sweet & sour sauce or hot sauce

Served Together (available Sun to Thurs)

Tortilla wrap filled with (Donner or chicken tikka) of your choice. Serve on top with smoother layer of salad and bits kisses of kebab sauce

All kebabs are served with salad & sauce for

everything separate in kebabs 50p extra each

extra cheese on kebabs £1 extra

Chips with peri peri spices topped with meltd cheese & topping of your choise mixed with onions and green peppers with squirt of kebab sauce

Chips with...

Add extra cheese £1.50

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