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Indian Curry Halal

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Richly marinated with spices and cooked in a ‘Tandoor’ (Clay Oven) The following dishes are dry and served with fresh green salad & mint sauce.

Cooked with diced onions, capsicum, tomatoes, fresh green chillies, a slightly hot mouth watering taste.

Special preparation of saffron basmati rice combined with your selection of contents delicate herbs and spices served with mixed vegetable curry.

Balti is a style of cooking which originated from the nomads of the Northwest Frontier. It is a very spicy yet medium to slightly hot fl avour and is cooked with garam masala, capsicum, onion and fresh coriander

A delicate preparation with onion, nuts & mild spices to produce a rich, creamy, very mild texture. Absolutely safe for a total novice.

Most popular dishes of south Indian origin. Madras is a fairly hot dish, with an intensely rich taste.

Most popular dishes of south Indian origin. Vindaloo is a very hot dish.

A thick sizzling sauce of onions and green peppers. Medium hot.

Diced onions & green peppers cooked with fresh herbs and spices to produce a thick rich dish. Medium.

Special preparation with fresh garlic, garnished with tomatoes and spices, little dry in medium strength.

We take great measure in selecting the fi nest vegetable for our variety of delicious shabji dishes, they make a perfect combination with any main dishes. All bhaji’s are cooked in thick sauce and they are medium hot.

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