Master Wok

Chinese Fish & Chips

124 Moston Lane, Manchester, M9 4HU

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Note: All dishes do not include rice or chips

If you are allergic to nuts or seafood or any ingredients etc. Please advise us before placing order

Dishes not listed in this menu are available on request

Please Note: The majority of dishes contain egg, soy sauce or sesame oil. If you have any allergies to these products please advise our staff as we may be able to exclude then during the cooking process.

If you have any question about allergy information, or you are aware of any allergies, please mention this to our member or staff at the time of ordering who will be more than happy to discuss your option with you.

Please Note: Unless advised at the time of ordering, the restaurant can not be held responsible for any issues relating to allergies.

Soft thin noodles

Japanese thick noodles

Including chips & peas (all in one tray)

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