Indian Curry

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Note: Food Allergies & Intolerances: Most of our dishes contain some kind of allergy including dairy nuts, gluten, wheat, egg & fish

We cannot guarantee any allergen free. Before ordering please speak to the restaurant directly about your requirements

All tandoori dishes are marinated overnight in special spices , herbs and hung yoghurt, grilled over charcoal flames in clay oven known as the tandoor. Garnished with butter, red onions and fresh coriander. Allergens , please note all tandoori dishes contains yoghurt and cannot guarantee free of any allergens due to possible cross contact from other food .

Balti ( bucket) originated from Baltistan, a region of Pakistan. In the 1970s, Balti was introduced to Birmingham , becoming one of the most popular dishes .

Balti is cooked in a wok with extra special rich spices , mixed sweet bell peppers and onions , served with a choice of naan bread or piluo rice . Contains yoghurt & traces of gluten .

Main base curry gravy is slow cooked hours with whole roasted, ground spices and herbs including garlic, ginger, vegetables and vegetable ghee.

Korma contains Yoghurt, Cream Butter and Coconut.

Freshly, hand made dough, naan bread, baked in clay oven. Contains Milk, Butter & Eggs. Average size is 9"-10" in diameter.

Handmade dough, double filling, freshly baked in tandoori clayoven. (Contains Milk, Eggs, and Wheat).

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