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  • Platter for 1
  • Illish Uthshop platter
  • Meal Deal
  • Mains
  • Biryani dishes
  • Kids Meal
  • Sides
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  • Kala Bhuna samosa

    Made with pieces of Kala Bhuna meat and onions. A huge hit during Ramadan


  • Vegetable samosa


  • Lamb shish


  • Chicken shish


Platter for 1

  • Mezbani beef platter

    Rice, Mezbani beef, chana daal, salad, firni and borkhani


  • Kala Bhuna platter

    Rice, Kala Bhuna, chana daal, salad, firni and borkhani


Illish Uthshop platter

  • Ilish Uthshob platter

    Panta Rice (Panta Bhat), Ilish fried fish (marinated overnight), Alu vorta, shutki vorta, daal vorta, salad and a 500ml water


Meal Deal

  • Mezbani Meal Deal

    A popular social festival feast from Chittagong, it's accompanied by plain rice, dal and spicy Mezbani beef. Contains nut, mustard


  • Kala Bhuna meal deal

    Kala bhuna, daal, rice and salad



  • Kala Bhuna

    An epic unique taste of Chittagonian cuisine, a delicious spicy beef recipe with bold flavour. One of our audience favourite. Contains mustard and soya


  • Paya - Beef bone broth

    All form part of the Mezbani traditional feast. Made with beef bones cooked in a rich sauce. Contains flour


  • Chicken Roast

    A delicacy from Chittagong, the sound of it will make you think it's oven roasted on the contrary, it's cooked in an open fire, extremely flavourful, slightly sweet and tangy in a mildly spicy gravy. Contains milk, nuts.


  • Mezbani Beef


Biryani dishes

  • Kacchi biryani

    Made with chinnigura rice (a pristine white grain and rich aroma, it is smaller than a basmati and taste similar to jasmine rice) with pieces of lamb on the bones


  • Special beef biryani

    Biryani made with pieces of beef on the bone with a boiled egg


  • Morog Pilao

    A Bangladesi favourite made with chicken, spice and fragrant rice. Contains nut and milk.


  • Ilish pilao (hilsa fish)

    Made with Bangladesh favourite fish( hilsa fish) with chinnigura rice


Kids Meal

  • Chicken Nuggets

    (4pcs) Chips, Fruit Shoot blackcurrant or orange - 200ml



  • Plain Rice


  • Pilau Rice


  • Dal

    Cooked with beef on the bones for full Chittagonian flavour


  • Plain naan

    Fresh baked tandoor naan


  • Butter Naan

    Fresh baked tandoor naan with ghee


  • Garlic Naan

    Fresh baked tandoor naan with ghee, garlic and coriander


  • Vorta platter

    Shutki vorta, aloo vorta, daal vorta, morich vorta


  • Shutki Vorta

    Made with dry fish, chillies, onion and mustard oil


  • Daal Vorta

    Daal, onion, chillies and mustard oil


  • Aloo Vorta

    Mash potatoes, onions, chillies, coriander and mustard oil


  • Morich Vorta

    Pure chillies, spice, onion, Mustard oil



  • Borhani 250ml


  • Mojito Virgin 330ml


  • Mojito Strawberry 330ml

    Does not contain alcohol


  • Mojito Watermelon 330ml

    Does not contain alcohol


  • Coke 330ml


  • Diet Coke 330ml


  • Fanta Orange 330ml


  • Sprite 330ml


  • Water Still 500ml


  • Water Still 1.5ltr



  • Firni (Rice Pudding)

    Contains milk and nuts



  • Breakfast meal 1

    2 parata, 1 egg, Mezbani beef and mix veg


  • Breakfast meal deal 2

    I fresh tandoor naan, 1 egg, Mezbani beef and mixed veg


  • Breakfast meal deal 3

    2 parata, 1 egg, paya and mixed veg


  • Breakfast meal 4

    1 naan, 1 egg, paya and mix veg



Wednesday 10 July 2024
Sunday 30 June 2024
Delicious food. Would recommend! Keep it up 🇧🇩
Wednesday 26 June 2024
Sunday 23 June 2024
Love and care in the food and presentations outstanding 👌 👏 🙌 😍
Wednesday 19 June 2024
Saturday 15 June 2024
The delivery man spelt my drink.
Friday 31 May 2024
Food was amazing!!!
Saturday 25 May 2024
Was not able to eat because entire food spilled in the carrier bag
Tuesday 14 May 2024
nice food thank you
Saturday 27 April 2024

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