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Pizza Dough Ingredients

Pizza flour, salt, sugar, milk, vegetable oil, single cream & yeast. Pizza Toppings (prawn & tuna)

Donner Kebab Ingredients

Breadcrumbs, flour & spices

Vegetable Burger/ Fish Cake/ Chicken Burger/ Beef Burger/ Onion Rings Ingredients

Breadcrumbs, yeast extract, mustard, flour, egg, salt, celery powder, wheat flour, vegetable oil & milk

Masala Special & Korma

Fresh cream, food colouring yoghurt, sugar & coconut

Naan/ Cob Ingredients

Wheat, egg, milk & yoghurt, sesame seeds & coconut baking powder

Seekh Kebab/ Tikka/ Shish/ Steak/ Tandoori

Egg & cornflour, tikka OR tandoori food colouring, Indian spices, yoghurt, vegetable oil, paste & tandoori

Balti & Karahi/ Jalfrezi & Murgh Masala

Yoghurt, food colouring, egg & fresh cream

Create your own pizza.

Indian Food

Indian Food

Indian Food

Old school curies

All served with pilau or nan chips

Delicious Kebabs

Served on a fresh nan with salad & sauces.

Ask for souces and salad

Served with salad & sauce

Indian Food

Balti & Karahi Specialites

Served with pilau rice or nan or chips

Indian Food

Special bland of herbs & spices marinated in yoghurt sauce then cooked in a clay oevn(tandoori) served with salad and mint sauce

Indian Food

Dishes are served with bhuna sauce, mint sauce pilau rice, nan & salad

Indian Food

All served with pilau rice or nan or chips

Indian Food


All fried with basmati rice almods garnished with onions & tomatoes served with a special mixed vegetable sauce & nan

Served with chips and salad

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