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Kebab Pizza Halal

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Note: FREE 2 Poppadoms & Mango Chutney with every Curry order

Pizza Dough Ingredients

Pizza flour, salt, sugar, milk, vegetable oil, single cream & yeast. Pizza Toppings (prawn & tuna)

Donner Kebab Ingredients

Breadcrumbs, flour & spices

Vegetable Burger/ Fish Cake/ Chicken Burger/ Beef Burger/ Onion Rings Ingredients

Breadcrumbs, yeast extract, mustard, flour, egg, salt, celery powder, wheat flour, vegetable oil & milk

Masala Special & Korma

Fresh cream, food colouring yoghurt, sugar & coconut

Naan/ Cob Ingredients

Wheat, egg, milk & yoghurt, sesame seeds & coconut baking powder

Seekh Kebab/ Tikka/ Shish/ Steak/ Tandoori

Egg & cornflour, tikka OR tandoori food colouring, Indian spices, yoghurt, vegetable oil, paste & tandoori

Balti & Karahi/ Jalfrezi & Murgh Masala

Yoghurt, food colouring, egg & fresh cream

Delicious Kebabs

Served on a fresh nan with salad & sauces.

Served with salad & sauce

Served with chips and salad

Indian Food

Indian Food

Indian Food

Indian Food

Dishes are served with bhuna sauce, mint sauce pilau rice, nan & salad

Indian Food

Special bland of herbs & spices marinated in yoghurt sauce then cooked in a clay oevn(tandoori) served with salad and mint sauce

Indian Food

Balti & Karahi Specialites

Served with pilau rice or nan or chips

Indian Food

All served with pilau rice or nan or chips

Indian Food


All fried with basmati rice almods garnished with onions & tomatoes served with a special mixed vegetable sauce & nan

All served with pilau or nan chips

Old school curies

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