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All hand made on site

Handmade Half Pound Minted Lamb pattie served Inside a bun with yoghurt and Mint sauce, garnished with fresh salad items and served with or without caramelised red onions.

All of the meat used within our burgers comes from rare breed, free range grass fed stock, and is sourced locally.

Our succulent handmade burgers are all half pounders and are made with a minimum of 90% steak beef. All of the meats in our burgers are locally sourced and come from rare breed, grass fed, free range stock.

All our burgers are served Inside a freshly baked bun and garnished with fresh salad Items (lettuce tomato, and onion).

All of our chicken burgers are made from a whole chicken breast which Is butterfly cut, lightly seasoned In Cajun and cooked on a griddle to perfection. They are then served Inside a bun with fresh salad Items and fried onions.

A wide selection of authentic award-winning German sausages and foot long hotdogs. Bringing the finest of Germany’s charcuterie to the U.K. All of our sausages are gluten and filler free. And served in a roll.

Deep fried savoury treats

All available with whipped cream

Freshly baked to order brownies.

Build your own crepe.

Choose from our wide range of toppings, sauces, sherbets cream, and purees.

Comes with your choice of 1 scoop of ice cream or sorbet

16 Mini doughnuts with dipping sauce

All our fruit smoothies are vegan

An assortment of fan favourites baked into a sweet pastry pie casing with a delicious cookie dough centre.

Fruit flavoured candy rocks thst exode in your mouth.

Fat free includes 2 x toppings

Fat free frozen yogurt shake

The Full English Breakfast.

Food of the Gods!

Alternatively select any combination of breakfast items to be served in a choice of bread, toast, or a batch.

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