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311 Fox Hollies Road, Birmingham, B27 7PS

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Note: Try our popular Concrete Cake and Cookie Dough Crumble!

Cutlery provided on request.

You tried the rest Now try the Best taste ever

Extra sauce & toppings are available

Regular 16oz; Jar 18oz

Any cake of your choice blended with ice cream as a shake served with sauce a taste you won’t regret! Note - these 2 items do not come separately ! Also we do not put whipped creme on the milkshakes for Deliveries!

For all you gymholics there is always something for you all…

We do not put whipped creme on the milkshakes for deliveries cream on pics Display purpose only!!

Regular 16oz; glass jar 18oz

Regular 16oz; Jar 20oz


Made to order. Contains marshmallows, coco powder milk and whip cream.


All coffee 12oz, apart from Expresso (4oz)

All Teas served in 10 oz cups

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