Moes Peri Peri

Chicken Burgers Halal

11 Heritage Avenue, Colindale,, London, NW9 5FW

Delivery from 07:35

Served with chips

All contain mayonnaise & lettuce

Served with small fries & a Fruit Shoot

Premium 16oz Milkshakes

Nut 'o' Rious - Toblerone and ferrero rocher shake topped with whipped cream and a flake

Mint Era - Aero mint shake with milk buttons topped with chocolate sauce and

Americano - Oreo cookies and peanut butter topped with whipped cream chocolate sauce and flake

Peanut Affair - Reese's peanut butter cups and snickers shake with toffee sauce, whipped cream

Lotus Biscoff Peanut Shake - Lotus biscoff & peanut butter topped with caramel sauce and biscoff crumbs.

Served with ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce

All breakfast served with tea or coffee

Served with whipped cream

Combo includes a hashbrown and a hot beverage or an orange juice

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