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Note: Allergy Advice: Please note that some of our dishes contain dairy, nuts, eggs & other allergens. If you suffer from any food allergies, please make sure to inform us before placing your order. We will try our best to accommodate your needs

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Tandoori is an ancient way of Indian cooking in a clay oven where the heat source is charcoal

All tandoori dishes are marinated with fresh herbs & spices prior to cooking & all dishes are complimented with salad & mint sauce


Served with naan

Freshly cooked in a special balti pan & very highly spiced, medium OR hot on request

A mild dish cooked with almonds, coconut & fresh cream

A mild dish cooked with tropical fruit & cream

Medium hot dishes cooked with plenty of sauce

Fairly hot dishes with plenty of sauce

Very hot dishes cooked with potatoes in sauce

A medium hot dish cooked with tomatoes, capsicums & onions in a thick sauce

A medium hot dish, cooked with diced onions & green peppers

Medium hot dish garnished with tomatoes, onions & coriander

A fairly hot dish cooked with onions, tomatoes, capsicums, ginger & green chillies

A fairly hot dish cooked with coconut & a hint of lemon

A hot, sweet & sour dish cooked with lentils served with pilau rice

Hot, sweet & sour dish cooked with tamarind served with pilau rice

Medium hot

Medium hot

In biryani dishes, the main ingredients are chicken, lamb OR prawns which are cooked with basmati rice & served with vegetable sauce

All dishes are cooked in vegetable ghee

Also available as a main dish

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