Momos Pizzeria And Grill

Pizza Grill

13b Balmoral Terrace, Dundee, DD4 8SJ

Delivery from 17:00

All burgers are served on a brioche bun, upgrade to a pretzel bun for 50p.

All meals come with chips or fries and a drink.

Sweet potato fries and curly fries are available for an extra £1.

All kebabs come on a pita or in a wrap served with salad, kebab sauce and garlic mayo.

Add cheese for £1.

All sides are made to order in house.

Atl dishes are made to order. Add a tub of mozzarellla or cheddar for £1.

Feel free to LOAD these too! Thin base available upon request.

LOADE YOUR PIZZA - Add extra toppings, change your base and stuff your crust.

Feel free to LOAD these too! Garlic butter glaze available for £1.

LOAD YOUR CALZONE - Add extra toppings or change your base.

Garlic and chilli seasoning available for 25p each.

Feel free to LOAD these too!

Meals come with a Fruit Shoot 275ml or water 500ml and chips or fries.

Feel free to LOAD these too!

Served in a tub, waffle cone or chocolate waffle cone

Come in Regular or Large. Choose from variety of chocolate, topping, sauce or additional ice cream scoops £1.80 each.

Your chosen Protein Flavour will be added to your Shake

Create your own Waffle. Choose from a variety of chocolate, toppings, sauce

Delicious Sundaes served with Mr Whippy Ice Cream. Create your own and choose from a choice of chocolate, toppings, sauce

Come in: milk, white, double chocolate or red velvet cookie sough. Add to your cookie dough. Choose from chocolate, toppings, sauce

Plain or Hazelnut filled churros coated in sugar.

Freshly made crepes.

Served with ice cream.

Served with ice cream.

Great chicken nachos

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