Chinese Chicken

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Chicken Balls (4) ,

Prawn Toast (4),

Spring Rolls (4)

Salt and Pepper Chicken, Salt and Pepper Chips,

Fried Rice, Plain Noodles,

Plz State in Comments Box : only 1 Sauce From Following:

Curry Or Gravy Or Sweet and Sour

Choice of: szechuan sauce or hot & spicy szechuan sauce, satay sauce or hot & spicy satay sauce, chilli & garlic sauce or hot & spicy chilli & garlic sauce, black bean sauce or hot & spicy black bean sauce.

Chef special spicy sauce mix with hints of green chilli & red chilli, Mouth-watering hot & spicy flavours for you to savour.

Choose your sauce: black bean sauce or chilli garlic sauce or satay sauce or szechuan sauce


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