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Kebab Curry Halal

178 Kingsway, Dunmurry, Belfast, BT17 9AD

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Our pizzas are freshly prepared using our own dough without additives or preservatives, freshly prepared vegetables & 100% mozzarella cheese to ensure the best pizza you will ever taste

Extra toppings are available

All these dishes side salad & served with chips, pilau rice OR plain naan with curry sauce

Tikka House Specialities

All meat & chicken main dishes are served with chips, pilau rice OR plain naan

Served with either pilau rice, plain naan or chips

A biryani is made with a special basmati rice, together with a mixture of spices, served with a special vegetable curry


Served with chips, pilau rice OR plain naan

Sides dishes can also be made as main dish (£6.90)

Kebabs with Pitta Bread

All kebabs with chips are served with fresh salad & choice of sauce

Kebabs with Tandoori Naan Bread

Served with fresh salad & chilli, mayo, house OR garlic sauce

Traditional European

Served with salad & sauce

Includes chips & kids vitazade juice

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