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Note: Please Note: Dishes contain traces of nuts. If in doubt, inform us.

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Served with salad & kebab sauce

Served with salad, curry sauce & fried rice

Rice OR naan included. Some curries may contain nuts

Rice not included

Prepared with onion, green pepper & pickle with blend of garlic, ginger & balti sauce. Rice not included

These dishes are cooked in karahi (souke) using fresh ginger, garlic, green pepper, onions & fresh coriander giving this dish a unique taste. Highly recommended. Rice OR naan not included

Cooked with fresh rice, peas & served with curry sauce

Prepared with fresh cream, each with their own distinctive flavour. Rice not included

All dishes fully garnished with chips & salad

Salad or Sauce seperate 50p each extra

Turkish Kebab

All Kebab served on Pitta Bread with salad and sauce. King Kebabs are served on Nan Bread.

Tortilla Wraps. Served salad & sauce

Add cheese on chips 70p extra

Large. Chips, cheese & meat wrapped chapati with salad & sauce. Salad & sauce separate 50p & hoggie on naan for £2.5 extra

Served with chips & drink

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