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Note: Welcome to MudBugs Creole Cuisine. We take inspiration from The Creole culture of Louisiana to bring you some insanely delicious grub. Straight from “The Big Easy” to a pub in the North.

Who We Are

Born in Manchester but raised in the Deep South, Tom was lucky enough to experience all there is to see (and eat) from the Southern Eleven states. Back in the 90’s he travelled with his family to New Orleans - A place that left a lasting impression. Lost in a hazy summer down the river on a paddle boat looking out over streets filled with live jazz, smokey barbecues & French architecture. Riding down Bourbon street on horse drawn carriage, with fresh beignets and strong coffee – and stopping off at a Po-Boys Joint for an enormous sandwich of hot roast beef and gravy. These flavours stick – this is a culture of no holds barred flavour. We follow this mantra with the food we produce – highly seasoned, with a focus on eyepopping deliciousness – look elsewhere for healthy eating – This food is about pure joy with no compromise.

What is Creole

New Orleans is in our opinion, America’s capital of culture – Creole is a culture that originated from Acadians – Descendants of the French & Spanish colonials who settled in South Louisiana during the 17th & 18th centuries. War was waged over these lands until eventually the United States bought the territory from the French in 1803. What emerged was a culture based on a mix of French, Spanish, West African and Native American Indians. They call New Orleans “The Big Easy” this laid-back reputation is present everywhere. You wont find a more welcoming, relaxing place to be. The food is key to this jazz fuelled city – think American BBQ mixed with French saucier techniques, smoked paprika from Spain & chilli from West Africa.

Additional Note: All boxes may have additional allergens depending upon choices made.

Contact the restaurant directly for allergen information.

Choose from the Smoke-Pit menu for our slow cooked meats that spend 10+ hours in an Oak smoke chamber of our own design. Serving is one 8oz pot.

Classic Bbq plates using our 10+ hour oak smoked meat selection. If you'd like to swap out the sides in any of these dishes please leave instructions in the note. (You can swap for any 2 sides from the sides menu)

Choose from the Gumbo menu for your Louisiana Red Beans n’ Rice dishes. A selection of slow cooked creations served with the New Orleans Favourite “Dirty Rice” a dish of rice, beans, peas, corn & veggies braised in a rich home-made stock. Includes free choice of sauce.

Fat Tuesdays Menu is all about crispy, eat-with-your-bare-hands luxuries. Everything here is served up with slaw and your choice from our home-made sauce menu.

We have come up with a few ways to serve up our supreme burger patties. We don’t mess about with ingredients at MudBugs – we grind our own meat using a 50/50 split of Chuck & Jacobs Ladder (Beef Rib) for maximum flavour & texture. We hand form these with Maldon sea salt & our dry-rub for seasoning, and a little breadcrumb to lock in the juices.

Some extra dishes from the Creole Repertoire

A selection of meat free and vegan dishes. Just like the rest of the menu these are made entirely from scratch and with lots of passion & quality ingredients.

Our focus is highly seasoned rich food and large American style portions. This menu is intended for those with a smaller appetite. We also keep the seasoning down to a lesser level in these options to reduce the salt content

Real Hungry? - Can’t Deicide, or Just Plain Greedy? Our Creole Combo’s are Big Meals with Plenty

to Satisfy your Mudbugs Cravings.

We make our Pizza dough from scratch, hand stretch it, and cook it in our gas-fired stone oven at 500 degrees. We use San Marzano tomato to make our sauce and Fior Di Latte Mozzarella on top. It's proper authentic Italian Pizza.

The “Big Easy”, "Crescent City", "New Orleans", whatever you call it – it means comfort food. These sides are just what you need to make (an even bigger) meal of our mains.

All of our sauces are made from scratch in house & most MudBugs meals come with your choice of sauce. Prices below are for extra portions (2oz Pot).

There’s always room for a sweet! We have just started trying our hand at sweets there will be more to come if these prove popular. We have decided to start with two (Non - Creole) classics – Everything here (Like the rest of the menu) will be made by us from scratch.

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