Mumbai Spice

Indian Curry

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Note: Deliveries are charged at £1 within a 3-mile radius

Over 3 miles will be charged at £2.50

These dishes can all be prepared in various styles

Please note that all of our dishes ar freshly prepared to order 

Do not hesitate to request your own creation

Our chef will cook it with pleasure

Our sizzling grills are a perfect

substitute or addition to your usual curry.

Healthy and delicious served with fresh salad & mint chutney!

Chef's Special Combinations

The finest work of our chefs to give exciting new tastes

A layered basmati rice dish with your choice of meat or fresh vegetables, topped with an omelette!

Mumbai Biryani Specialities

Contains: Yoghurt & Butter

Served with special curry sauce or raitha

Your choice of our EXCLUSIVE BBQ grilled kebabs served on a fresh naan bread with fried onions & peppers with optional salad & sauces!

Fancy a sweetener!?

Served on rice, chips or salad

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