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Indian Curry Halal

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Note: <strong>Allergens advice:<br />

Our food & beverages may contain wheat, nuts, seeds, celery, </strong><strong>shellfish</strong><strong>, eggs & dairy products etc. Please check with our staff before placing an order. We will be very happy to help & avoid any inconveniences. For any specific dietary requirement please speak to a member of staff<br />

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Mums spice does not use any ingredient that contains artificial colouring agent of flavour in our dishes. We use natural ingredients & products as possible to keep consumers healthier & happier</strong>

All tandoori dishes are accompanied by fresh green salad & cooked in Indian clay oven

Mums chefs exclusive dishes

Served with pilau rice or nan

Stir fried with basmati rice in aromatic spices & ghee together with onions & garlic. Served with mixed vegetable curry or dhall

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