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Pizza Kebab

71 Southgate, Elland, HX5 0DQ

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Note: All curries served in large container

All our bread are freshly baked daily. Served with fries, salad & mayo

All our breads are freshly baked daily. Served with fries

Thin or Deep

We use supremo cheese

Folded pizza

All burger are served with fries & in a toasted sesame seeded bun. Cheese on chips 60p extra available

Served with salad & sauce

All kebabs are served with salad & sauce

Garlic mayonnaise 50p extra

The sauce of these dishes is of medium consistency produced from a basic range of oriental spices


A fairly hot South Indian dish, having a greater portion of tomato puree & spices

Fairly hot

A very hot South Indian dish, widely known for its fiery hot taste. Suitable for people with a strong constitution

Very hot

A medium dish, palatable to every kind of constitution


Onions, tomatoes, coriander & fried with spices

A mild dish cooked with cream, coconut & mild spices


Cooked with pineapple & lentils, producing a sweet & sour taste

Sweet & sour

Plenty of onions with dozens of spices

Prepared with pimento, garlic & tomatoes

Medium dry

Cooked with basmati rice, flavoured with saffron garnished with torn & served with curry sauce

Munch spice specialities

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