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American Burgers

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Smash'd Burgers

All our Gourmet burgers are made with 100% Hereford beef, seasoned to perfection & served on glazed brioche buns for an authentic American gourmet treat.

Served with your choice of sauce

Extras are available

All our vegan burgers are made with Moving Mountains 100% plant based patties and served on a vegan brioche style bun with fresh salad.

Pork Frankfurters

Served with your choice of sauce

Extras are available

Base options available

Extra toppings available

All £5.95 6 Minature pizzas with toppings of your choice

All flatbread pizzas are 12"

Macaroni pasta woth cheesy sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and topped with a baked Monterey Jack top

Freshly baked balls of our dough drenched in fresh garlic butter

Served with your choice of dip

Served with ice cream (vanilla, strawberry or chocolate) roddas cornish clotted cream, devon custard pot

Extras are available

Freshly baked waffles with your choice of topping

All served with with either hot custard, or vanilla ice cream

Extras are available

Made with soya milk and vegan ice cream.

Made with vegan ice cream.

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