Pizza Desserts

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Note: Please bare in mind the ratio of cold to hot items in an order may effect the temperature

If there is any queries, issues or cold food please contact us directly as will will rectify any errors on our part ASAP. If you dont wish for the order to be rectified we will have to claim back any orders received before any refund can be claimed

When you need that little bit extra to nibble on

The freshest ingredients & 30 years parmo expertise. Tender chicken breast coated in crispy breadcrumbs, topped with creamy bechamel sauce, cheddar cheese, served with chips.

Extra toppings available!

Create your own pizza right here!

All our pizzas are made with the finest, freshest ingredients

All ham used in Turkey ham

Extra toppings are available

Freshly prepared kebabs marinated using our secret blend of spices!

Get creative and make your own Munch box or choose our ready made boxes!

The saver section! Have a peek.

Some amazing ice cream flavours in here to end your meal with!

The kids need food too! Perfect meals for your loved ones!

Served with chips! Wrap it up!

Chips layered with our home made Bechamel sauce and topped with cheese!

We don't do boring desserts! Look at the variety we stock! All handmade desserts! Have it with ice cream or custard!

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