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Indian Curry

1-3 Lower Holyhead Road, Coventry, CV1 3AX

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Stuffed Puri's

Fresh warm flatbread puri filled with your choice of mouth watering fillings all cooked with onion, tomatoes, garlic and chef's special sauce.

Taka Tak Tawa

Desi style pulled chicken or lamb specially prepared on hot plate cooked with aromatic herbs and spices with a hint of lime juice, nutmeg garnished with fresh coriander

My Dhabba Biryani's

Aromatic basmati rice cooked in a wide range of special herbs and spices to create a heavenly majestic mixed rice dish served with curry sauce.

Sabzi Mandi / Veg

Dhabba House Specials

Traditional Indian Thali

The great indian Thali a cornerstone of the menu. It is a stainless steel platter with little bowls consisting of a wide variety of different tasting dishes providing nutrition, texture and flavours for a complete meal.

All Thalis served with tarka daal, bombay potatoes, boiled rice, salad and raita.

Our mouth-watering grill meats and fish are marinated in an array of herbs and spices cooked fresh for perfection. 

All served with fresh crispy salad.

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