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Indian Vegetarian

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These dishes are marinated in yoghurt skewered with delicately flavoured herbs and spices barbecued over a flaming charcoal oven with salad and mint sauce

All biryani dishes are served with vegetable curry side dish

Our head chef and owner has been providing these dishes locally for over 25 years. This means Junoon can cater to your taste

Sweet and mild dish prepared in a rich sauce with coconut, ground almonds and fresh cream

Mild dish prepared with bananas, ground almonds, coconut and fresh cream with a blend of spices

Medium hot dish prepared with fresh onions, tomatoes and flavoured with fresh herbs and spices

(Sweet and sour dish prepared in a medium spiced sauce with lentils and pineapple

garnished with fresh coriander)

(Medium dish prepared with fried onions, mixed herbs and spices)

(Hot sweet and sour dish prepared with garlic, chillies, tomatoes, lemon juice,

mixed herbs and spices)

(Hot dish prepared in a hot curry sauce with chillies, tomatoes, coriander and spices)

(Very hot dish prepared in a hot curry sauce with fresh chillies and a selection of mixed

herbs and spices)

(Hot and sour dish prepared with fresh chillies, sliced lemon and coconut and spices)

(Spiced with herbs and cashew nuts and garnished with onions

bell peppers and tomatoes. A very tasteful dish)

(All English dishes are served with chips, peas and salad)

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